Long Tail Cast On

Is there a trick to figure out how much yarn to pull out to do the long tail cast on so as not to run out before finishing a long cast on or having too much left over when finished? I have to co 400 stitches and I can’t even begin to figure out how much yarn to allow for the co. Any tricks out there?

Usually I let a few inches of yarn hang from my needle than wrap the yarn around the needle for the approximate number of stitches needed. Some people have suggested to me for casting on a large amount of stitches to wrap the thread for about a third or quarter of the stitches required remove the yarn from the needle holding/pinching where you stopped measuring from where you started and stopped than pulling out however many inches or feet you would need to get the complete amount of stitches (e.g. you need 200 stitches, wrap 50 stitches around needle, 50 sts = 8", pull out 24" more of yarn). However, this latter method sounds like extra work. :stuck_out_tongue:

It usually works out to be about one inch per stitch (except maybe for those really funkified yarns such as bulky or super bulky).
But let’s say that you have about 100 sts. then you would pull use about 100"inches or a little over three yards. Then add on about 6 inches for variances.

I usually do about 3x the length of the finished dimensions plus a little bit more. Or I wrap the yarn around the needle for as many stitches I need, this usually works quite well. I love the long tail cast on- it’s my fav!

for something with so many stitches, I’d use the beginning ends from 2 balls of yarn in the same color to do the CO with. tie the ends together, and that’s where you begin the CO with the yarn from ball #1 going over your index finger, and the yarn from ball #2 going over your thumb. when you get the # of stitches you need, simply cut the yarn from the second ball of yarn (leaving a length long enough to weave in later) and continue in pattern with yarn from ball 1.

Thanks so much to you all…400 stitches is a LOT of stitches. I now have to get longer needles!!

Hiya annie,
Do you have circs in the size called for??? Those would work great for that many stitches.
I would make sure that they were at least 24" or longer though and to have a stitch marker on the 2nd st and the next to last stitch, so that you would not get confused and knit the item in the round but would know where to stop and turn.:knitting:

I agree with what Jax said; for that many stitches, use two yarn ends and cut one. Depending on your gauge, you probably need needles about 36" or longer, 24" would be too short for 400 sts.