Long Tail Cast-On

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This is my first post to this site and I have to start by saying how much I appreciate all of the help and especially the videos. I was so pleased by this free service that I made my husband watch some of the videos because I was just so impressed. Thank you for all of this help.

Now, on to my rookie-esque question: Is there a clever way to determine how much yarn to initially use when you are doing a long-tail cast-on? I either use too much yarn and have this REALLY long amount of unused yarn or (even worse), I don’t pull off enough yarn and have to pull out all of the cast-on and start over. I HATE taking anything out! I’m sure all of this is different depending upon the weight of the yarn and needle size, but I just wondered if there was some rule of thumb about this.


P.S. Here’s a REAL rookie question - how do I use those cute little emoticons on this site?

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1st ?: You can either estimate about 1" per stitch in a worsted weight yarn.

OR cast on ten stitches, take them off the needles to see how much yarn you’ve used, then figure how much you need for the number you have to cast on. I prefer the second option if I’m casting on anything over thirty stitches. :thumbsup:

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I started out by measure 3 times the width of the project to determine how much yarn to use for LT Cast. But that did NOT always work. Lately I’ve just been wrapping the yarn around the needle for however many stitches I need to cast and then pull the needle out. So if I need to cast 50, I’ll wrap the yarn around the needle 50 times and mark the spot, pull the needle out, and start LT Cast from the marked spot.

I like MaryS’ 10st Cast measurement too!! Less time consuming than wrapping … but I also … hehehe … don’t like math :mrgreen: So that’s why I stick with the wrapping. :wink:

Thanks, Mary. I knew there had to be “trick” to this. And, thanks for the help with the emoticons. :thumbsup: I inserted them the first time and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t “see” them. I just hadn’t done my preview yet.

I adore this emoticon :XX: and want to use it on EVERYTHING. Do you think my bosses and clients here at the law firm would appreciate it?

Thanks, again, for the help.

:lol: hmmm :thinking: It all depends…

If you have a lot of stitches to cast on and you really don’t want to run short or waste yarn, use two balls, one for each strand. When you’re done, cut one to be the tail and the other will be your working yarn.

Ingrid - This is such a wonderfully LOGICAL solution … I never would have thought of it. Thanks!