Long Tail Cast On

Hi everyone -
I just love this site. I’m on it everyday, reading all the forums and learning so much.
Anyway, here’s my question: I’ve read here that the long tail cast on is very flexible yet for some reason mine is not, especially with K2P2 ribbing. I can feel the initial cast on row is tight and does not stretch at all. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? I’ve viewed the video here and I seem to be doing it correctly. but perhaps not.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You may be casting on too tightly. Try casting on more loosely or even cast-on to a larger needle to see if that helps.

It can easily be too tight. I agree that casting on to a needle a couple of sizes larger and then working your first row off of that with your regular needles is a good idea.

Amber and Ingrid - Thank you very much for the quick responses, and I will take your advise and loosen up!

I even saw one pattern, using circulars, that said to use both ends of the circular needle held together to make sure the cast on is stretchy.


Yes, or you could use both straight needles, or one of them and another of a different size held together.