Long tail cast on

Hi, haven’t been on the forum for a awhile but have been asked to knit poppies for the British Legion, to make the cast on row stretchy and loose they recommend long tail cast on, I have tried and tried but with my slightly arthritic fingers its a real struggle can anyone suggest a different way to achieve the same results .

That’s a wonderful support group. Good of you to knit the poppies for them.
There are a couple of other stretchy cast ons that might work:

and also this one which is new to me.

Have you seen this version of ltco?


I cast on in this manner. I make the loop on my thumb as usual but I hold the yarn attached to the ball in my right hand.I explain in this way to new knitters. You are knitting with your thumb as if it were your knitting needle in your left hand then with the right hand knit the loop on your thumb. Then adjust the tension with your left hand just as if you would if for normal long tail cast on.
I hope this makes sense. I tried to find direction for this as a video or written but couldn’t find one.

I think the way Cheryl does it in this video at around 5 min. is what you were looking for. I’ve heard it call LTCO thumb method and LTCO English style. Call it what you will, if it works that’s what matters. She goes over a number of things about LTCO that people might find helpful.

Doing a knit cast on with a larger needle will also give added stretch. Maybe try it out if the long tail just isn’t working for you?
I often use a needle a full 1mm bigger for a cast on or bind off. So if jy pattern is for 4mm needle I use 5mm needle for the cast jn. It looks a hit loose at the start but it evens out after some rows.

My go to for casting on for hats and mittens is a Twisted German cast on. I learned it from the KH tutorials.

I use that one a lot too. Learned it right here on KH. But when I was obsessed with 2 color Brioche for about 2 years I learned the Italian 2 color caston. I use that a lot now. I have aquired a taste for 2 color regular rib. Never did like the horizontal striped ribs. But I’ve grown to like these vertical stripes.