Long tail cast on with beads

Does any one know how to cast on with the beads I keep reading the instructions and I can not figure out what I am missing cast on 5 slide 10 beads from the tail repeat four times then knit 5 slide 9 beads this is killing me

Is your pattern called Interlacements “Tiny Toes”? If so, then 40 beads are slid to the tail and the rest are kept on the working yarn. You should probably put a paper clip or tie a knot on the end of the tail should the beads want to wander off. Then, using the yarn part only, make a slip knot and place it on the needle. At this point, you’ll have the 40 on the tail side and the rest on the working side. Then you make four more cast ons for a total of five. Then, you slide 10 beads from the tail side and 10 from the working yarn side right up to the needle. And yes, now here’s the awkward part. You have to make the next cast on right up close to
the beads with no slack. The bead should butt right up against the caston, or as close as humanly possible. There’s a coupla different ways to make a long tail cast on, and both methods are shown here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/cast-on. I used the “alternative method” cast on listed there. It’s slightly easier when you’re dealing with these beads. But it is awkward and it may take you several tries before you get the cast on placed just right so that there is no slack. Then you do four more cast ons, and repeat the process sliding 10 from each side. You might want to try laying the needle in your lap… whatever works. When the cast on row is done, you should have eighty beads on it. It gets much easier after the cast on row. Row 1 is knit five, slide 9 beads over right up to the needle in your right hand, then knit the stitch. Knit four more, then slide 9 beads, etc. etc. You don’t have to worry about the tail anymore, you’re done with it so no more juggling around. To knit the stitch, of course you insert your needle into the stitch knit wise, but then when you bring the yarn around like you normally do, you only use the unbeaded portion of the yarn, and the nine beads should be up close, but not into the stitch. Knit another row with nine beads, then knit two rows of 8, two rows with seven, etc.
But of course, I’m assuming we’re both working on the same pattern.
Hope this helps Lynn. The caston row is a bear. Just keep trying and it will fall into place.

Me again. I need to clarify this sentence a little better:

[COLOR=“Red”]You have to make the next cast on right up close to
the beads with no slack. The bead should butt right up against the caston, or as close as humanly possible[/COLOR]

When you slide the ten beads over from each side, you slide them until they’re right up to the needle. Let’s label those end beads that are closest to the needle and touching it as #1. When I say to cast on so that it’s right up close to the bead, I’m talking about bead #10. Does that make sense? Hope so.

Thanks for your help I will Try a bit later I was going to do it with 3 repeats so it would not be so heavy 4 may be nice as well