Long tail cast-on question

I watched your video on long tail cast on and have a couple of questions. The first stitch that is cast on appears to be 2 stitches whereas all the following cast on stitches create only one stitch. Do I count that first cast on stitch as one stitch or two? Also,apparently this cast on method creates a knitted row. Should I count this as my first row of stitching, or disregard it and just follow the directions that my patterns gives me. By the way, I am starting an afghan on circular needles and am using 2 strands of yarn for the afghan. The first 12 rows of the pattern are knitted. Thanks in advance for any answers. I find this web site to be quite helpful for an inexperienced knitter such as myself.

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The first two stitches cast on are considered two stitches.

Most patterns don’t consider the cast on row as a “row” and just call it the cast on and start the pattern with the next row. That’s what I always do.

Count every loop on the needle as a stitch. You have to ‘attach’ the yarn on the needle some way in order to ‘cast on’ according to the method, so that first loop is also a stitch. So if you need 20 sts, you put the first loop on, then count 19 more.

Many people claim the long tail CO ‘makes a knit row’ but it really doesn’t. It may look like it as you’re doing it because of the purl bumps, but after you do a few more rows, it doesn’t quite look like the other ones. Most patterns do not count it as as row, but you may like one side of it better than the other after doing the first few rows. So just Cast on and after 11 rows, look to see which side you prefer and either do one more row or go to the next row of the pattern. If the blanket is one row less it won’t matter.

Thanks so much for the quick replies. I guess if I had thought about it, I should have been able to figure out the cast on stitch count problem myself.

It may be that the video doesn’t “click” with you. I’d suggest you check out some long tail cast on videos on Youtube. I’ve seen some videos on Youtube that were poorly done or the poster’s voice was annoying. Other videos were much better. It also helps if you enlarge these videos to full screen.