Long-tail cast on question

You know when you start thinking about something, and even though it’s never been a problem, you start doubting yourself? Yeah, that’s me.

I do the long-tail cast on, without a slip knot, as shown in the KH video. What I’ve started to wonder about is if you count that first loop as a stitch. I always have, but suddenly, I’m not sure anymore. Just want to know what to do before I start my next project!

I used to use a knot, then stopped. Either way, count it as a stitch since you’ll be knitting it the first row.

I always count it as a stitch.

I just started to think and overthink it. I’ve always counted it as a st, then started to wonder if I should knit it together with the next st. Thanks!

Only knit it with another stitch if you cast on one extra to join in the round; it makes a snugger join.