Long-Tail Cast-On...I'm hooked!

When I taught myself to knit, the little book I was using taught the knitted on cast-on and that is what I’ve been using these past months. Well, I decided to try the Long-tail cast-on (using Amy’s video, of course) and HOLY COW!!! :woot: I LOVE IT! It was SOOOOO much quicker, and easier, than what I’ve been doing. I’m hooked.

I just wanted to thank knitting help for providing the video for that. I’ve tried a couple other times, following books, to attempt this cast-on method I’ve often read about on here but to no avail… I’d go back to what I knew. Not any more! I’m a Long-Tail Cast-On fan now!..

JUST what I needed… MORE excuses to cast on new projects (I’ve got 5 going right now… my DH keeps threatening to take away the needles unless I actually finish something… I’m working on finishing a couple items so I can cast on MORE!!:wink: ).

LOL! I just learned that technique - with help of the Knitting Help video! - too! :mrgreen:

When I learned to cast on so many, many, many years ago, it was the slip it over your finger thing. Not fun. :frowning:

But the long-tail cast on? Very fun! :mrgreen: :knitting:

That’s funny, because I am planning on getting that cast on down no matter what. I was thinking about it this morning!

i’m glad that was the cast on I learned to do first. all the other cast ons I’ve tried since just don’t compare to the long tail!


The book from which I learned showed the knit cast on as well as the long tail but didn’t explain the long tail all that well. Amy’s video cleared it up for me and I agree it’s great. My favorite cast on.

And I like the fact that, when you do longtail, you already have a knit row…so you have one row down already :slight_smile:

When I re-learned to knit last year I bought a computer program and it taught both knit on and long tail. I prefer a long tail cast on. It’s sooooo much easier.

The longtail CO doesn’t make an actual row, though it may look like one. Don’t include it when you go to count rows.

And astonh…? Just tell you’re husband you’re practicing the cast on with all those projects on the needles…

The long tail cast on is usually my first choice. I haven’t found another that goes as fast as this one.