Long Tail Cast On Help!

I am new to knitting and just learned to cast on with the Long Tail method. My question is, once I cast on my stitches, what do I do with the left over hanging yarn (my tail)??

Just let it hang. If there’s too much to leave comfortably then cut it to 6-12" long. You will weave it in when you are finished knitting.

Just let it hang there. If it is way long you might like to shorten it so you don’t accidently start knitting with it by mistake (I’ve done that), or have it in the way. Then when you are done with the project you work the tail in on the non-public side.There are a lot of ideas about how to hide the tails.

You can also hold it together with the working yarn for a few stitches- that will weave it in while you work, so you won’t have to do it later. You just have to remember that each of those stitches will have 2 strands of yarn, so when you work them again later you have to knit (or purl) the 2 strands together, otherwise you’ll end up with more stitches than you started with.