Long-tail cast-on goodbye

I made myself laugh today.
I can do all the basic things in knitting and thought I would try this famous long tail cast on ( I usually use two needles to cast on). So, a quiet Sunday morning, I sat before the computer with my needle and wool in hand and turned on the video.
Well, I think I tried it at least 25 times. I ran and re-ran the video. No matter what I did I ended up with stitches with two loops. Once or twice I even got 3-loop stitches. I then got the giggles and gave up. I wish I had filmed it, you would got a good laugh.
I imagined what it would be like to have trouble again with plain knit and purl stitiches, the determination it requires.
Fortunately, I don’t need this in my life though. So it’s goodbye to the long tail cast on for me.

Too funny! When I first decided to learn to knit, I checked out several books at the library with good pictures and step-by-step instructions. I couldn’t figure out how to do the long-tail cast-on to save my life! Finally I got so mad I called my husband over to the living room and asked him to figure it out for me. In about 10 seconds he did, and ended up teaching me! So, to this day, I still can credit him with teaching me how to knit!

Too bad, it’s my FAV cast on!!!

Me, too!

Here’s more instructions if you want to give it another try sometime.

If you want to try again, do the Thumb variation. It’s done with 2 hands and the right hand holds the yarn attached to the ball and basically knits a st onto the needle and the slips the loop off. I figured this one out myself years ago because I could never understand how to do it one handed.

I have always used the two needle cast on and recently I learned the long tail cast on and I love it. My cousin sat me down and taught me how and as soon as she left I forgot how to do it. She mailed me pictures of how to do it and I still have to have the picture but I really like it. It used to take me forever to cast on now it only takes a few minutes!!

Maybe it would be different if someone actually showed you how in person. I’m not very good atwatching videos, I need “in person” instruction.

You should have seen how excited I was when I finally got the long tail cast on right. I was horrible at the other cast ons (to the point I quit trying!) but when I figured out the LTCO I actually was bouncing in my seat LOL.

I felt like London Tipton. “YAY ME!” :roflhard:

Like Suzeeq I couldn’t figure out how to do the LTCO one handed so I worked out a way to do it with both hands. This was long before the internet. I have recently fallen in love with the cable cast on for socks and other things I have knit recently. I don’t know that I’ll use the LTCO much anymore. It used to drive me crazy trying to figure out how much of a tail to start with. It was either way too long or a few stitches too short.

Argh same with me but I can’t get any other cast on to make sense. I tried one using two needles but I could never get it to work.

I was taught the LTCO first by my LYS in a lesson. It is usually the only one I use unless a pattern calls for a specific cast on. As to how to gage how much yarn to start with, I was taught to wrap the yarn around my needle for each stitch I need. I also add about 10 extra wraps for good measure. This works really well to get you the right amount of tail to start with.

I just guess sorta and if it’s way too much or too short, I start over. :shrug: I don’t mind casting on again. But there’s other ways, like 3 times the width of the piece. So if it’s going to be 20" wide, measure out about 60" and add a few for a tail. Seems to work.

Aw, that’s my fav cast on (and the only one I know how to do…still, after 3 years…lol). Actually, the long tail cast on was the easiest for me to do so I just stuck with that…I figure one day I’ll learn the other methods, just for the hell of it…lol…I learned the long tail cast on from the Stitch N Bitch book, the step by step pics in that book were pretty good, if I remember right…

The LTCO was the first cast on I ever learned, and for the longest time I never even wanted to try anything else! The trick (for me) was that after going under the thumb loop, take the needle up and go ‘over’ the first finger before going under that first finger loop and back toward the thumb. Inadvertently going back under the thumb loop again will create an excess/extra stitch.

Then, my other problem was - how much yarn to consider needing so that I didn’t run out before I had all the stitches cast on. That is so annoying to run out of yarn. I was never much good at measuring and having it come out right.

So for this, I just leave a 6 inch or so tail, then wrap around the needle the number of stitches I need to cast on, leave another six inch tail, and then that is the point on the yearn where I make my slip knot. If it is a large number of cast ons, say 100, then I just wrap 25 times and then take that amount of yarn off the needle, along with the extra 6 inch tail, and just fold it over 3 more times (to make the 100 total) and then that is where I make my slip knot. I don’t know if that makes sense (if I explained it right), but it works every tme to make sure I don’t run out of yarn before I’ve got all my stitches cast on.

Well I just read it takes 7 or 8 tries to quit smoking and that sounds about like long tail cast on. I used to try and try and it was like a bad joke on me. then all of sudden one day I GOT IT. I kid you not. It’s so darn simple that once you get it you’ll be laughing at yourself. You need to be very relaxed and concentrated… or as someone said here, have another person show you. I would if you were near… you’ll love it once you get it.

Yep, LTCO IS the only one I ever learned…( I was fortunate enough to “watch” a very talented crafter over and over and over till I got it) however, after a few years of:knitting: I have tried the “crochet co” and I would really like to learn the “Old Norwegian” one…for some reason, I have two left hands when it comes to any other co…but some are more useful than others I guess:think: just depends on the project:hug:

Hi Suzeeq…I was wondering, did you ever see Lily Chin on Knitty Gritty when she demonstrates the LTCO, runs out of yarn, turns her work around (somehow) and is able to continue with the number of sts she needs?:doh:

I’ve heard that, and have done it on a practice piece. A cable CO might work because of the bump that I mentioned. You would just put the needle in the left hand and start the cable CO between the first 2 sts and co as many as you need.

I couldn’t learn long tail from the video here on Knitting help. The essential point is that at first there are supposed to be two stitches…after that just one with each maneuver. I learned this on an Elizabeth Zimmerman video. For the longest time I did the thumb method of a LTCO, but now I do it the regular way.

I do not use a “slipknot” at all…I start out “just like Amy’s video” kinda like a “slingshot”… What “two” sts are you referring too:??