Long tail cast on for socks

Hi, I am new to the group and have a question. I am starting my first pair of socks on 3 dpn. I used the long tail cast on. Looking in my books it shows to make a triangle with the needles when ready to start the round. The tail is on the left needle and the yarn to start working with is on the right. But with this cast on, which is recommended for socks, the tail and working yarn are at the same end. What am I missing?
Thanks and glad I found this group.

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You’re not doing anything wrong. Both the tail and working yarn should be on the same end. I’m not sure why it’s different in your books. :think:

Is that what you needed to know?

Thanks, that was what I needed. One more question…when I divide the stictches onto the 3 needles, needle one will be the the needle with the first slipped stitches correct?
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The forum ate my other answer!!!

The picture may have been just a generic ‘show how to knit in the round’ one and maybe used a different cast on. Start knitting with the needle that has the first cast on stitch on it, with the working yarn in the right hand needle.