Long stitch

Hi, Trying to make a dishcloth that the following for the instructions:

Rows 1 & 2 - Purl

Row 3 - YO twice as you knit each st across (long stitch made)

Row 4 - Purl across working into first loop of each long st and letting second loop drop from the left needle.

And then there is repeating of these rows, etc.

I’ve tried what I thought they meant but I end up with increasing all the time. Any ideas?

thanks. I really like this pattern but I’m stumped!!

I think calling it a yarn over is what is confusing. Really you are just going twice around the needle when you make the knit stitch not doing a yo between sts.
On the knit row it will look like 2 sts for every one but when you turn to the other side, you’ll only work one of the two sts and the other will drop off the needle, making an elongated stitch. You’ll finish that purl row with the same number of sts you started with.

You wrap the yarn twice in each stitch instead of once, then on the next row, drop one of the loops off and only knit into the other one. You can drop the first or 2nd st, it doesn’t matter which. This makes what’s called an elongated st, sometimes called a drop stitch and you can probably find a video on Youtube for it.

You have to knit in to the first loop, and then pull the first and second loop off at the same time, not in to both loops.