Long sleeves!

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and hoping someone out there can help. My name is Sarah, I’ve been knitting for years and never had this problem. I’m knitting sleeves to a mans jumper, following the pattern, I have to increase 1 stch at each end of every foll 10th row, which I’m doing but… I’ve still got 20 rows to go to reach the amount of stitches needed, and I’ve already reached the length the sleeve needs to be before I start decreasing for the raglan. What do I do??

Hi Sarah and welcome!
Are you increasing 2sts per increase row, one at each end of the row?
If so, it may be that your row gauge is quite different from the pattern’s or it could be a pattern error.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a pattern link?

How many sts to start with and how many sts at the end of the increases? What is the row gauge given in the pattern and what is your row gauge?

Hello, thank you for the reply.
Yes increasing 2 stitches in a row, started with 49, done first 4 rows of pattern, then increase every 8th row to 69 sts, then increase every 10th row to 83 sts. I’m at 79 sts and at the length I need to be at! [Sidar 9765](http://Sidar 9765) think I’ve done the link right. Sarah.

Just checked my tension… Correct sts 22 to 10cm. But not on the rows, I have 34 rows to 10cm and I should have 40!! I can see where I’ve maybe gone wrong lol.

Yes, that’s enough to throw off the length. Row gauge is ordinarily not critical since most length measurements are given in cm or inches. Raglan increases and as you’ve seen, these kind of sleeve increases are an exception.
Increasing every 7rows for 10 times and then every 8-9rows for 7 times will get you closer to the measurement you need.
It’s a classic sweater and well worth the effort.

Thank you so much for your help, it’s worth having to take some of it back and getting it right :blush: It’s very much appreciated.

Sometimes it works out like that. You do increase from cuff to shoulder, but near the shoulder, you already have reached the number you need. That is fine. Just leave it at that, work even to the shoulder, and all will be well. You still will have the fullness where you need it, and will look good. You don’t need to reach your number right at the top of the shoulder.

Check that you have done your increases correctly, and then just proceed!