Long scarf gets tangled

I’m knitting a long scarf in strips. The strips keep getting tangled in the yarn, so I have to stop and untangle it after I turn the row. How can I avoid this?


Welcome to KH. Are you using a specific pattern or just making strips to be joined? How wide are your strips?

It’s eventually going to be an afghan. I’m knitting 36" strips, each 12" wide. It’s a diy pattern in four colors in random alternating stripes. I’ll assemble it all when it’s big enough. I’m a make it up as I go along knitter!


Sounds like lots of fun.
Watch the direction in which you turn at the end of a row and turn back in the opposite direction at the end of the next row. If you keep alternating directions like this it will help a bit with the tangling. Also, keeping the yarn in a box or bowl to one side may help.

I read once where a lady rolled her strips up and pinned them so they were not so long.

I tend toward make it up as I go along. Eventually you’ll either get accustomed to the tangling or figure a way to reduce it or both. I knit socks two at time on one long circular needle. Sometimes I keep the tangling minimal and sometimes I just have to stop and do a major untangle.

Happy :knitting: knitting and enjoy! I hope you’ll post a photo of your work.

Yep. A clip clothespin will work very nicely. Long strips of anything can be really annoying to work with otherwise.