Long cast off - brand new knitter


I followed the long tail cast off video and then moved on to the basic knit stitch.

My question is what to do with the extra tail thread left over from the cast off? The video does not explain that and it keeps getting in the way of my knit stitch.

Is the remaining tail supposed to be cut or what?

Thanks in advance,


Cast [I]off[/I]? Do you mean cast [U][I]on[/I][/U]? Casting off aka binding off is what you do at the end.

When you do the long tail cast on you count both of the first cast on stitches as part of your stitch count. So just knit it.

The extra yarn left over from a long tail cast [U][I]on[/I][/U] is woven into the garment after you finish knitting. Some people do hold onto it and knit it along with the first few stitches of the first row of knitting but be sure to leave enough to neatly weave in when it’s time to finish off your project. Watch the video on this site called Small Project Demo under the Knitting Tips tab under “Free Videos” for some tips on how to weave in your ends.

It will get in the way at first but just move it to the side and you will be fine.

Just exactly how long is it? You can cut it but leave it at least 6" long. You’ll want to weave it in later.

Once you knit an inch or 2, it won’t get in the way so much.

Hey thanks everyone. You can tell I am a new knitter because I don’t know the difference between cast off and cast on yet! Oh well, that’s how you learn, right? I figured you probably weaved it in at some point. I will watch that projects video.

Thanks very much!