London Beanie with Straights

Hey all, I recently decided to give the London Beanie a try, but I don’t have any circs and DPNs in the same size. I was going to just knit it straight and tackle seaming, but I’m not sure how doing will change the pattern (if it will at all). Does finishing change if I don’t knit in the round? If yes, how so?

How far off in size are your circ and dpns?

I have size 7 and 8 circs and 2 and 6 double points.

If you decide to do it flat, you will want to add two stitches, one on either side, for seaming. Also, the parts that are worked in stockinette stitch, the parts where it says knit 2 rounds of main colour, or knit 2 rounds of contrast colour, you will need to do knit one row, purl one row, etc., in order to get stockinette stitch. Stockinette in the round is knit all stitches. This is the biggest difference I can see you running into.

Oh, also, on the decrease rounds that fall on a wrong side row, you will need to reverse the order of the stitches AND do purl stitches instead of knit stitches. So, for example, if you decrease round 1 lands on a wrong side row, instead of doing K7, K2tog across, you will have to do P2tog, P7 across. Always keeping in mind that you will have those two extra stitches, on on either side, that if I were you I’d work them all in stockinette (knit on the right side rows, purl on the wrong side rows).

If you need further help, give a shout.

The 7 circ and 6 dpns should be just fine. When you get to the dpns bit, just knit a little more loosely. (It would take so much work to knit that hat with straights that it wouldn’t be worth it–in the round is soooo much easier.)

ETA: I know this works because I’ve done it :wink:

Hrm, I like knitting in the round (it’s how I learned and I still haven’t quite gotten knitting straight down) but DPNs scare me a little. Maybe it won’t be so bad since it’ll already be joined and all - all my attempts at them have failed so far.

Oh, knitting a hat is the best way to get used to dpns! :thumbsup:

You don’t have to wrangle them like you do when, say, trying to knit a sock.

You can do it! And remember, we’re here when you need us!

Angelia is right, dpns and worsted weight yarn on average size needles (not the size you’d use for sock, those are teeny and it involves a lot of needle wrestling at first!) is not as difficult at all like you might think it is. Give it a try, and you’re right - the fact that the stitches are already in the round and you are just using the dpns to finish it off really helps! - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

So, elfhelm, how’s the hat going?!

Well, I decided to give the dpns another shot so I am just at the first colour change right now. This is also my first success with ribbing - I carried my little circle of k2p1 ribs around, showing everyone I could find. =P

I’d post a progress pic, but my camera is upstairs and it’s 27 freaking degrees up there. nudges the fan closer

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You’re going to accomplish a lot with this hat, aren’t you?! Yippee!!

We can wait for the progress pics. For a little while, anyway. :wink:


That’s my little brother being sullen about modeling the beanie.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support!

The hat looks wonderful! And your brother looks like a typical teenaged boy to me! :rofling: