Lolcatz picture-knitter in the house

check out the top of the bookshelf, he/she is a knitter! I thought it was cool…

Holy cow, she has a really small stash!

Ah, but if you look at the top of the bin on the far end, you will see the bottom of another bin, so they might be more on top of those and then there is the closet, the broken dishwasher, the basement and we cannot forget under the beds!

Ok… ok, so she is like all the rest of us after all! Good eye figaro!

Or crocheter. :wink: Cute picture. :lol:

Wow Debbie you have sharp eyes I looked at that pic this morning and never even noticed the stash…but I did see the scarves hanging up and wondered,but the kitties usually get my whole attention.Isn’t Cheezeburger a great site I go there a couple times a day(did someone say"get a life?) LOL

I love that site! I have it on my google reader so I get the new pictures as they come…

What is the address of the site please?

It’s on my favourites and it is my favourite

That’s “small”?! My “stash” would probably not even fill up one of those bins!

Oh my goodness…thanks for the link. I was looking on it and found out that they have one for those of us owned by dogs, too.