LOL...I haven't a clue what this means. Please help :)

Well I’m still working on the Susan Rainey’s The Great American Aran Afghan block. LOL…I’ve ripped it out so many times that I could have probably finished a sweater by now :). Not really but it sure does feel that way.

Anyhow, this is where I am at and the instructions;

I have 37 stitches on my circular needle.

shape neck

Next Row: (RS) Work 13 sts, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 11 sts, work to end. Working both sides at same time, bind off from each neck edge 2 sts twice - 9 sts each side. Work 3 rows in St st. Bind off. Fold St st portion of each shoulder to WS and tack down.

LOL…where to begin. I haven’t a clue what this means. Oh, have I mentioned I have never made a sweater. hahahahahaha

HELP :)))))

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You’re going to split the piece for the shoulders and the neck sts will be bound off. You can also work them seaparately but this is for doing them at the same time.

Work 13 sts, drop that yarn and with another end (doesn’t have to be a separate ball. BO 11sts and work the end of the row, probably also 13 sts. Turn and go back to the bound off sts, drop that yarn, pick up the other yarn and BO 2 sts and finish the row. Turn and work across to the neck sts, drop the yarn and pick up the other, BO 2sts and work to the end of the row. Now you have 9 sts on each shoulder and work 3 more rows in St st then BO. I have no idea why you would fold down the last 3 rows you worked and tack it down, but it must make sense in the pattern.

Suzeeq thank you for your help. But to be honest I am still really confused. I am a relatively new knitter. With each new piece that I knit I try to learn something new. This piece has been full of interesting new things for me to try LOL . But this whole shoulder neck area has me totally confused.

Here is a link to a picture of the block I am working on;

I understand about working the 13 stitches on each side in the pattern. But I’ve never joined a 2nd ball of yarn in the middle of my work before. Also I am working on circular needles. Does that cause any unique problems with what I am suppose to be doing?

At what point an I supposed to bind off the shoulders? Is that what this is? :::shrug::: I don’t know that I understand it.

“Working both sides at same time, bind off from each neck edge 2 sts twice - 9 sts each side.”

Is this the neck?

"Work 3 rows in St st. Bind off. "

I imagine I am supposed to pick up the bound off stitches to knit the neck. I’ve never done that before. Is there a video here showing how to do that?

Everytime I sit down to knit I am incredibly grateful that is here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

To attach a new yarn end, just begin knitting with it, leaving a 3" tail. It may be loose but won’t come out and you weave it in later. Using a circ doesn’t matter. The 11 bound off sts form the neck and the BO 2 sts on either side of it will shape it.

Looks sort of like this… vvvvvv______/vvvvvv

"[B]Work 3 rows in St st. Bind off.[/B] "

That’s where you BO off the shoulders. After you have BO 2 sts on both neck edges, do 3 more rows and BO all sts. You don’t pick up any sts at all, you don’t knit the neck.

Just follow the pattern step by step with the needles and yarn in your hand and it will begin to make sense to you.

{{{{Suzeeq}}}} I think I’ve got it. Yipee! You are fabulous. Thanks

The only thing I’m unsure of now is how to join the second ball of yarn :frowning:

Just what I said…

“To attach a new yarn end, just begin knitting with it, leaving a 3” tail."

Yikes I’m even more confused!! I’m still trying to figure out how to knit the body of the sweater… So you knit rows 1-4 over and over til piece measures 5 in, but I’ve tried a thousand times to count the stitches and place markers so I don’t get lost but the count ends up screwy…I’m knitting on circular needles so I don’t have to read left to right I THINK… I’m lost!

Welcome to KH!

Do you knit a whole little sweater or just the front side? Where do you think you’re having a problem?
Can you quote a few rows please? Not the whole pattern because that might cause copyright problems.

First… Thanks soooo much for the reply! Ok, I’ve created the body of the sweater… I think it’s got to be just 1 sided… Then attached to a square I’ve already knitted

So I’ve got the body bound off, and it says to fold Down The Stockinette Portion To Wrong Side And tack down

Yes, they’re referring to those 2 wings that are standing up at the top of the shoulders.
The sweater looks wonderful!