Loksins! Pattern - help please

Hello there!

Does anyone have the Loksins! Socks pattern? It’s from here.

I have a question. In Chart B, there are three stitches to work as follows:
[B]Pass 3rd stitch over two first stitches, k1, yo, k1[/B]

How do you pass the stitches? Put the first two on another needle, pass the stitch, then put them back on? And - do you knit the stitch you passed? If you don’t, the stitches get very tight over here.

I’m confused about [B]yo [/B]- do you put the yarn over the needle and then knit the next stitch, or does yo mean JUST yarn over?

Same question for Chart A.
[B]k3, ssk, k1, yo, p1, yo, k1, k2tog, k3[/B]
Here it seems clear from the number of stitches available, that yo means just pass the yarn over. Is that right?

Does this make ANY sense to y’all? I’m not sure how to phrase these questions intelligibly.

Thanks for any help!

“Pass 3rd stitch over two first stitches” should could concern the three stitches you have just worked before this sentences, not the K1, yo, K1. So the the third stitch on the right hand needle (if you are a right handed knitter) is slipped over the two stitches closes to the end of the needle (generally that third stitch as been slipped purlwise).

The yarn over depends on the stitch following the action of bringing the yarn over. For your example the first yarn over (yo) before the p1 requires you to bring the yarn forward over and around the needle so you can make a p1 stitch; however, your second yarn over (yo) all you have to do is bring the yarn forward and continue knitting normally.

Click on the “Glossary” tab at the top of the page, it explains a lot of the common abbreviations you will find in knitting patterns.

I’ve seen this pattern before and it’s the first 3 sts on the left needle, not the ones you just knit. It’s a mock cable eyelet stitch.

Of the first 3 sts on the left needle, pull the 3rd one over the other 2, then k1, yo and k the 2nd st.

Yup, that I realized too.

What? I still don’t get it :frowning:
After I pull the third one over the other two, I have the same three stitches, but in a different order. What do I do to them? In your reply I only see instructions for two stitches? :??

Do I knit the stitch I slipped, or not?

When you pull the 3rd st over, it’s kind of wrapped around the first 2 and not on the needle anymore, so there’s just 2 sts there. Then you knit the first one, YO, knit the 2nd one.

[B]OOOOOH MY GOSH!!! [/B] You’re a genius. Thank you! I was TOTALLY doing the wrong thing - I thought pass it over like cables. Now I get it!!! I love you!!! :heart: :muah:

Now I understand why I couldn’t get past round 1 - I consistently had one stitch too many on the needles.

Thank you so much!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

(I’m noticing a pattern, suseeq - you keep giving the best answers to my questions :slight_smile: )

I’ve done the stitch pattern before, it’s called `coin lace’.