Lois daykin baby knits cable + lace wrap cardigan

hi, i’m working on Lois Daykin’s baby knits book, cable and lace wrap cardigan size 18-24m and having soooo much trouble!!! first of all, it’s my first cable OR lace. second of all, i am calculating the stitch count and it works for all the sizes except for the 18-24m. no matter how many times i count, it does not match!!! i think this is miss print… baby items have time limit issue, and i’ve been working on the first 15 rows for a whole month!!! (i only knit about 30min a day) i think i might call the publisher, but does anyone have any suggestion? has anyone worked on this cardigan? it’s very cute.

I am having the same problem! Sounds like we are at the same skill level, although I have probably advanced a few notches reworking this pattern about 10 times. Did anyone ever reply? I just joined this group so I haven’t worked through how to view replies. I am also attempting the 24 month size.

If there had been any replys to the original post, you’d be able to see them listed here.

I looked up the book and the pattern at www.ravelry.com. You have to join, but you might want to if you’re not a member there already. I didn’t see any errors mentioned relating to stitch count. There was a mention to an eyelet row above the pattern stitch not being in the instructions.

I also did a general google serach for knitting book errata but couldn’t find anything on this book.

Could you give us the line(s) of the pattern where you are running in to trouble? Maybe we could help you figure out if there is something “off” there…