Logo Fair Isle

I have created a hat for my brother with his work logo on the front.
I have frogged it 5 times as I having a hell of a time making the design. This is why…
I have only made fair isle hats with continuous design. Being that this is only in the front, the yarn seems to bunch up behind and pull and not look right as it is pulling from the left to start on the right again.
Hope this makes sense. Maybe someone out there has tried doing this and can give me some tips.
Thanks Kryssie

Yeah, designs that use the contrast color at least every 5 stitches are the easiest. You will need to stretch the work sideways so that the floats get plenty long all the way around. Every time you do the first stitch or a wrap or twist or whatever you’d call it to carry the yarn along after spanning a number of stitches you need to stretch the work. It’s kind of slow going, but it helps a lot. The floats need to look pretty sloppy on the backside to be loose enough. If the back looks neat it will probably pucker the front.

Here is a site that shows ways to catch in the floats every little while. LINK I really have not used these methods I just run the working yarn under the carried yarn every 4 or 5 stitches so that it is caught in. You need to stretch either way I think.

Depending on the design you may need to consider intarsia. There is some tricky way to do intarsia in the round, but if it was me, I would make a flat hat and seam it if I used the intarsia technique.

I am thinking of double knitting so that the two colors are always there. I will have to check out the videos for the other style you suggested. Thanks for your tips.

Yeah, double knitting could be a good choice for this project. I’ve only made a DK potholder and it was a chore, but the word is that it is easier in the round. Good luck on your hat.

I am truly going to be a long time doing it this way, but it should look good. I hope. I will try a few ways first.