Logcabin Baby blanket-need edge suggestions

I have completed my log cabin baby blanket, with Debbie Bliss Baby Casmerino using the logcabin pattern from Mason Dixon. But now I am not sure how to “finish it off”. The book suggests and edging of your choice.

My first thought was to do 5 or 6 rows of seed stitch but as I started to pick up the stitches I became confused… Should I pick up stitches all the way around or should I do one side at a time? If I pick up stitches all the way around how many do i pick up to round the corner nicely AND do I have to continue to increase with each row or does the initial increase make a nice flat edge?

Any other suggestions for what to do to give the edge a “finished” look?

For picking up - when you get to the corners, do an increase of one or two sts in each one.

The blanket turned out great!

Yes, I know I have to increase at the corners, my question is do I have to increase EACH row, if the edging is 5 rows wide do I increase at the corner 5 times or does the increase at the base row make the edging lie flat?

I’m not sure about the edging but wanted to say it looks great!! I love the colors!! :happydance:

Your baby blanket is beautiful! It turned out great! I have been knitting a log cabin blanket also and when finished, I am considering doing an i cord edging. I am attaching a link (I hope it works) from masondixonknitting.com which shows the i cord on a blanket – I believe it would be a little time consuming, but I think it would really be a nice finish on blanket. If you can’t get connected with the link I am including with this response, it is on their website under August 6, 2007. See if you like it…http://www.masondixonknitting.com/archives/2007_08.html#002153


I would do an applied I-cord. Use a needle one size smaller than what you used to knit the blanket. If you don’t know how to do one here is one example:http://www.knittingatknoon.com/atticord.html
The technique is also discussed in a lot of Elizabeth Zimmerman books.

I’d think two stitches in the foundation row only…but now that ya mention it…how about 1 st at the corner of every round? The succeeding rows get bigger around as you go…so I can appreciate your question! I’d tinker with it.

[COLOR=Blue]Great looking blanket! And the yarn will be so soft, and classy, at the same time! Wow! What a wonderful project!

As for the border: whereas I haven’t read everyone else’s suggestions, I did read someone’s idea for applied I-cord. That would be great!

And, then how about CRAB STITCH? I bordered my Sausalito Jacket with the crab stitch, and I love it! Quick and easy to do, too!


ummmmmm crab stitch? I’ll have to GOOGLE THAT!!!

Also referred to as REVERSE SINGLE CROCHET.
HERE is a link to a website that not only has diagrams, but a VIDEO CLIP too! I saved it in my BOOKMARKS cuz I have to look at it again every time I need to use it again! Doh! It is hard to find video clips!

Here is a photo of the CRAB STITCH edging on my Sausalito Jacket!