Log Cabin Knitting

Has anybody done this? I have falllen in love with this type of knitting, but am finding that my squares are not exactly square! It seems that you should pick up more than just one stitch for per garter ridge as the side panels draw in. I hope I am making sense. Any help much appreciated!

It isn’t square because stitches are wider than they are tall… or are they taller than they are wide… yikes, I don’t remember … anyway In a Mason Dixon knitting pattern … I thought it was wierd that the center “square” was "rectangle … now that I have gotten further out into the “log cabin” it is actually becomming square. Just keep picking up one stitch per garter ridge …

Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been plugging away and that’s what I was hoping would happen. I am knitting that bathroom mat from the Mason-Dixon book so I’ll just keep on keeping on! I also googled for log cabin knitting and some examples were really nice, but others looked like mine!