Log Cabin Blanket

I started this in early January and finished last night. I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn. And it’s for me!!! I’m not giving this one away.

I just love your choice of colours. Beautiful.

one word: [B]BEAUTIFUL![/B]

That is an attractive-looking blanket!

It is gorgeous, and you should keep it! I am so inspired!
I must make a LC afghan someday!!!

That is so nice!

Love it. you did a great job.

sooo pretty!

That is absolutely gorgeous. I’d be keeping it for myself too!!!

Wonderful blanket. If I knit that, I’d keep it too! Great job.

I love log cabin blankets - they are truly a work of art. You did a terrific job!!!

Oh DROOL!!! I want to make one so bad, is there a pattern or just even the amount of cast on stitches and pick up sts??? Seriously, you’ve done a wonderful job and it IS gorgeous. Choice of colors is fantastic!

That is lovely! And so even. Can you give us the colors you used? I recognize a number of them, but really, that combination is beautiful.

Wow…that is stunning - I can see why you are keeping it…happy cuddling! :muah:

Here’s a link to the instructions for log cabin knitting.

The Lion Brand Homespun colors I used are Chili, Plum, Apple Green, Nouveau, and Fiesta.

That is lovely!

Your blanket is absolutely GORGEOUS! :smiley: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Ya know homespun is, oh shall we say, not my cup of tea but this is really beeyootiful!! I now have a new appreciationg for Homespun :thumbsup:

Robin, that is one very beautiful blanket. Thanks also for posting the colors, they are very evocative of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. They are one of three things I miss about living in New Mexico,the other two being the Kodak International Balloon Fiesta, and the aroma of chilis roasting in the Fall.

It looks great!