Log cabin blanket

one of the first things I knit was a log cabin blanket that’s half mohair (silly me).

so now I want to take it apart, and maybe reknit those parts with wool.

does anyone know if there’s a way to just take apart some sections, or will I have to frog the entire thing?


you’ll have to frog to get to the mohair parts, at least…

here is a great tip for frogging mohair.


freeze the blanket, and work on it cold
after an hour or so when i warms up, it will be come hard and harder to frog.

freeze it again.

(or bundle up and frogg out doors!)

Mohair is hard to frog at any time, but it is amazingly easier to do when the yarn has been frozen.

that’s what I was afraid of.


does anyone know if there’s a way to get mohair yarn smoother again after frogging it?

it seems upset.