Log cabin blanket

Designer MasonDixon has blocks connected with bound off edges. My question is about leaving live stitches to start new block of color. What is the integrity issue ? Are the live stitches more inherently less strong in garter stitch?

The seam that’s created by picking up sts does contribute some stability but you could leave live sts on hold. I’ve make one of the MDK log cabin blankets and I liked the idea of being able to continue picking up across two blocks at the same time rather than working held sts and then picking up sts.
This is one variation on the log cabin:

Thanks so much for reply, this is the very pattern I am working on. Had the book bought many years ago and just decided this would make a great stash buster. Have read negative comments on Ravelry about stability issues, however, reducing the size to lap blanket dimensions for daughter in wheelchair. Going to outline each square in dark gray and leaving live stitches seemed so much easier.
Thanks again

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