Log Cabin blanket Intarsia Technique. NEW QUESTION!

Hi there,

I need some advice/help on my log cabin blanket. I’ve finished all the concentric strips of color and need to finish up with the last two ‘blocks’ of color. I hope its okay I write part of the pattern down, here goes:

“Block 9: This block creates two rectangles side by side. Use the intarsia method of lifting one color over the other when changing colors, to avoid a hole where the colors change.” :?:

Turn work so that the edge containing blocks 1,2,4,6 and 8 is at the top, RS facing. Count 33 row ends of block 4 and place marker at this center point of block 4. you will be picking up along cast-on edge of block 1 and row ends of blocks 2,4,6 and 8. Using B, pick up 142 sts to marker. Join D and pick up 132 sts. Knit 99 garter ridges, lifting one color over the other when changing colors. BO.


I basically know that I have to pick up my stitches and knit all the rows, what’s confusing me is this ‘intarsia method’ they are referring to. What hole? What is this Lifting one color over the other mean??

please oh please can’t someone help me?


Intarsia method is twisting the yarns in such a way that they wrap around each other, or you DO get a hole since the yarns between the two colors wouldn’t be connected in any way.

What I do is just to pull the yarn I’m finished with over to the left and hold it so it’s on top of the strand hanging that I’m going to pick up. Start knitting with the new color. As you do this on every row, knit or purl, the yarn will wrap correctly.

Amy’s video on intarsia in the Advanced section also shows it.

Thanks Ingrid. :muah: (I know we don’t know each other very well, but I just felt like blowing you a kiss) :teehee:

Okay, I watched the video and I basically understand it, but just to make sure and clarify… I’m just knitting one row all the way across at the same time using both colors? I’m not doing one block of color then another block to finish? Right??

OK, I see what you mean. You’re picking up half the stitches with one color, and half with the other. When you get to the place where the two colors switch as you knit, just hold the old over to the left and bring the new up from under it. That’s the only place where you have to worry about the intarsia stuff.

You’re creating the two rectangles at the same time.

Thanks again Ingrid. I wish they would put that in the directions in the first place. One minute I think I know what I’m doing the next I realize I’m way off base. :teehee:

You’re da bomb, baby!! :notworthy:

You never know I may be back with more questions…stay tuned

I need some more help please…ugh, this took forever for me to get these pictures up. This pixel business drives me nuts. (I’m not computer savvy by any means) :oops:

Okay, here’s the question, as you can see on the close up of those stitches I’m wondering if the yarn is supposed to show so much on the opposing colors?? :??

I don’t want to knit anymore rows until I know I’m doing this Intarsia thing correctly. It looks so sloppy to me. I knit continental so I’m reaching over the old color to pick up the new color and this is what I’m getting.

Is it right? I would say no, but I’m not an expert by any means…

help meeeeee… :waah:

I think that because it’s garter that you get the color changes showing, just like you can always see color changes on purl rows. If you really don’t like it and are planning to do it over, I’d suggest knitting the stitches on each side of the color change in stockinette. The change would show on only one side, though.

It really looks gorgeous overall, though!!

Thanks again Ingrid. :hug: How would I get it to only show on the ‘wrong’ side? The opposite side of the blanket shows the stitches when I picked them up to knit each section. So if I could get it to show on the side that would be great.

So what you are saying is that I would do the knit stitch all the way until I’m ready to change colors, but right before I change the color then I would purl those two stitches?

Did I get that right? Something tells me no. :wall:

You’d knit across the ‘right’ side as normal, but purl those two stitches on the wrong side. Then those two would be st st, and the color changes should stay on the back.

Ingrid, you are my saviour :heart: :heart: Thank you so much for all of your help.

I’ll do my best. :wink:

It’s worth the extra effort–it really is beautiful!

Thanks for the praise. :blush:

It’s funny how much I have been critiquing it all the way through making it. :teehee: It’s not even here, oh, my its so crooked on that side…I’m my biggest critic. :roll:

I’m thinking of making the boarder (I may be asking for help with that too) that goes with it; would that even it out a little more? Or not?

I think we are all our worst critics and see the tiny glitches that only we know are there. They’re glaring to us, but never to anyone else.

I’d finish it up, block it if it’s blockable if you don’t like the edges. If it’s not blockable, then wash it gently and dry it until it’s almost dry and lay it out. If the edges are still not to your liking, you could add a border. Remember, too, though, that once it’s done, it’s unlikely that it will ever be laid out evenly on a floor and critiqued. It will be used and loved, I’m sure.