Log Cabin Baby Rug

Hi to all as I am a new one here I may not be in the right post I would like the pattern for Log Cabin Baby Rug please.
Love to read the post a nice Forum thank you. bussy bee:knitting:

Do a search for Log cabin patterns on google and you’re bound to come up with dozens of them. They range from dishclothes, to baby blankets to large afghans. The technique is the same, you just knit until it’s the size you want.

The book Mason Dixon Knitting has an excellent tutorial for the log cabin technique. The book actually has lots of great patterns. I got it from the library and now want to own it. :thumbsup:

Here’s a free source on just how to do the square.

To do a baby blanket you’d just choose your colors and go round and round and and round. :wink:

Jan, I currently have the MDK book from the lib. Second time I’ve taken it out and I REALLY don’t want to return it. :wink: So many ideas…I’m busy swatching for several patterns. Great book.


I dropped a few (dozen) hints and received it as a gift. It’s got so many great looking projects in it, don’t think I could take it back if it was checked out from the library.

Amazon.com has some, at times, for a really good price.

You can also get good deals on books at half.com - ebay’s book store. Not to mention at knitpicks and their shipping is a bit less.