Log cabin baby blanket

Hi All,
I posted this question on the KAL site and now think it should be on this one. I am knitting the moderne log cabin baby blanket and am unsure what to do with the remaining stitch on the needle after casting off, turning to the right and beginning to pick up for the next log. Can anyone advise??
This seems so simple to me but I just cant seem to figure it out.
Thanks in advance~stay well~:grphug:

It’s been a while since I’ve log-cabined - doesn’t that last stitch become the first stitch when you start picking up stitches for the next block?

Mirl56 is right! When Log “A” is the size required, and with RIGHT SIDE facing: bind off across the row. However, the last stitch on your needle stays put. Turn your blanket (like you were making a left turn on a street) and start picking up stitches with the new color for Log B.

For my Moderne, I picked up that ‘first stitch’ of Log B almost in the same hole that the last stitch left over from Log A bindoff row.

When I worked back after the pickup row for Log B, I knit the last two stitches together. The last stitch from Log A, and the first stitch from Log B.

Remember: always bind off with the RIGHT SIDE facing you.
I used a crochet hook to pick up stitches. When my crochet hook had about 20 stitches loaded on it, I fed them off the other end of the crochet hook and onto the awaiting needle. I picked up one stitch in each ridge or stitch.

Hope this helps! :waving:

Thanks to Mirl56 and Artlady for their most helpful answers. It is what I thought I needed to do, but just didn’t make sense. Artlady, your daughters are so beautiful!!! I love their hair!!! Have you got them knitting also??
Thanks again for all of the help.

We’re so happy to help! :hug:

BTW, I wanted to add: with a log cabin blanket, [B]bind off rows[/B] as well as[B] picking up stitches rows[/B] are [U]ALWAYS[/U] with RIGHT SIDE FACING you. K?

Hello, it’s me again. I am doing the moderne log cabin baby blanket and have asked a few questions already that have been answered on this post…I have tried your suggestions and they are all working well:inlove: I am noticing, though, that when I am picking up stitches and going from the garter ridge p.u. over to the cast off border p.u. I am getting a hole at that junction. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:knitting:

You can pick up an extra st there, then dec on the next row.

Thanks you for your suggestion Suzeeq. I will give it a try on the next log. It makes total sense. :hug: I think my knitting mind is taking a break as I am getting over the H1N1 and a sinus infection. Hopefully this will be my last question for you on this blanket. Again, my thanks.

So, I learned something new again here! I also use a crochet hook to pickup stitches, but I’ve always thought it necessary to put each individual stitch over to the knitting needle. Now I see a hint to load up the crochet hook with several stitches, then move them all over at once. Wow. When it’s garter stitch ridges, do you go into the space BETWEEN each ridge?

When it’s garter stitch ridges, do you go into the space BETWEEN each ridge?

Yes, for garter st you pick up every other row, and it’s easiest to pick them up in the ‘valley’ between ridges.

I did what Sue said: picked up ‘in the valleys’, and picked up an extra stitch in the transition space between g ridges and bind offs to prevent a hole…but, DIDN’T decrease it when I went back over it on the next row. Why? If there is a space between the g ridges and bind offs, it obviously needs a stitch. If you decrease it on the next row, it will look wonky. I call this stitch my ‘stitch in the ditch’!

In the photos below, can you see the ‘stitch in the ditch’?

And, also…forgot to answer one question! YES, I’ve recently taught my two girls to knit again.But, one daughter has more time to knit. The other daughter’s schedule has exploded on her, and she barely has time for anything extra!

I have been picking up stitches in the top of the garter ridge and don’t really like the end result~it looks like the stitches have been pulled up some. I think I will continue as I am doing, but next Log Cabin I will do as you have suggested and pick up in the valley. Thanks, also, Artlady for the tip on picking up the stitch and not decreasing it, I will also try that next time around. Again, thanks to all of you for your quick and thoughtful responses. :grphug:

In the end, you will have a GREAT BLANKET no matter what! I knit 3 Log Cabin blankets this year. Two are the moderne style, and one is traditional. You’re right about one thing: you ‘perfect’ the fine points with each successive log cabin! We’re anxiously awaiting photos of yours!