Log Cabin Baby Blanket

Finally done!

The white border is in moss stitch, everything else garter:

Super easy and great mindless knitting. It was fun, but did get a bit tedious toward the end. It Bernat Baby Softee and I’ve already run it thru the washer/dryer. Still in tact! :thumbsup:

I’ll be shipping this out to Alaska soon with a few other things as a gift. Huttah!

It’s beautiful!! I’m making one for my mother in law. It’s my pick up and knit project…but it’s taking me a long time. LOL

Very pretty. I love moss stitch even though it takes time going back and forth. Did you have to seam all those sections together? It likes like a nice vibe pattern :slight_smile:

I love it! I’ve been working on a mulit-colored baby blanket for a friend and I’ve decided that I’m making myself one of these with the leftover yarn when I finish.

Nope! That’s why these Log Cabin styles are great–no seaming! You just knit your stripe back and forth, then cast-off all but the last stitch, turn the work a 1/4 to the right, and pick up stitches in your new color along the edge. Ta-da!

The ladies on the Mason-Dixon blog have a good tutorial. :thumbsup:

It is just adorable!

[B]Hama Lee,

Thank You for The Tuutorial!!! Really Helps.


Very nice.

Very nice! I just finished one too! I’m about to post the pic.

I have the worst time with the back of my piece looking like CRAP!

Can someone post a really closeup picture of where you picked up the stitch? I always end up with this lumps and it really ticks me off!


Sure, I"ll post a pic of the back of mine when I get home.

That is great. Thanks for pointing out the tutorial

I’d be interested in seeing the back of the blanket, too. I’m working on a similar one right now, and although I think I’m doing an okay job of picking up stitches I’d still like to see how someone else’s blanket looks on the back side.

That’s an interesting pattern. You did a good job of it. Where do you start and where do you end on this type of pattern?