>>>> Location 2!<<<<<

My market bags (as of Tuesday) will be selling at a second location!

Healthier Me Too in Stockton MO. I met the guy who owns/runs it, and he is very nice. :smiley:

PLUS: I got pictures! Actually, my mom did. I wouldn’t do it. (I didn’t see them in person, but I needed something from there so my mom went to get it and took pictures. We were sorta at a not so fun family gathering - my grandma’s cancer is really bad right now. BUT I had 4 family members go in there within 4 hours. :shock: Wow. :smiley: )

:smiley: And I JUST (i mean talking as I type ) found out there are only 5 there now!!! Which means one has been sold!!!)

That’s great. I hope you do great business.

Good for you…How exciting! :yay:


I’m really happy for you :woot:


Good for you!:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: That’s cool!

Good for you. Hope they prove to be a good seller.

That’s wonderful! :thumbsup:

Congrats, how exciting!:yay:

Sorry to hear about your grandmother though. :hug:

First of all, sorry about your Grandma, I know how hard that is.

Would you pm me and let me know how much you’re selling these for? Thanks.


Great picture of your market bags! You must be so proud! Congratulations!

About your Grandmother - My Dad was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer when he was 84. His prognosis was 6 months, but we decided to fight it.

A friend gave me two books - The Macro-Biotic Cookbook by Aveline Kushi and The Cancer Prevention Diet by her husband, Michio Kushi. (They have these used on Amazon.com).

The Cancer Prevention Diet adjusts the basic Macro-biotic diet according to the type of cancer the person has. Some cancers thrive in an acid environment and some in an alkaline one. The adjustment to the diet brings the body back into balance so it can fight off disease.

I put my Dad on the adjusted macro-biotic diet and he did very well. He lived 6 1/2 years more, symptom-free, and was nearly 91 when he died.

I’ve referred others to these books over the years and have heard back some wonderful results. I hope it might help you and your family now.

Best of luck,
Ruthie :waving:

Thank you everyone!!

Deb and Ruthie - PMed you. :smiley:

:happydance: :cheering: :yay:


Very exciting! And I am sorry to hear about your grandma- will be thinking of you & your family!

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother but congratulations on the second location!

Thanks! :smiley: Gma is doing better at the moment, tho not herself. :slight_smile: