Loafer slipper

I made a pair of these in brown for my dd and she said she thought my dil would love them so I made her a pair too or at least I have one done. They are on such big needles and super bulky yarn that though they are a quick knit, I have to put them aside on and off because it makes my old hands hurt.
This is Lion Brand Hometown in Tampa Spice and the pattern is a Ravelry one.

How warm and comfy. It looks great, the pair will be twice as great. I just love that red.

Looks so cozy!

Thanks for sharing this! The loafer slippers are perfect! :thumbsup:

I’ve been looking for a slipper pattern that is easy to knit and more shoe-like! I bought the book at Amazon just a second ago! It’s got a several shoe-like slipper designs in it! Yay!

Very nicely done and very good looking. What a wonderful gift! Thanks for the pattern link.

Those will do the trick of keeping feet warm. Very nice looking slipper. :thumbsup:

It is a good looking slipper. I think I better decide to get the book it’s in.

That’s a great looking slipper and in such a nice color. I’d hate to wear it for fear I’d get it dirty!

I’m in the process of crocheting my husband some slippers, but his will be felted. No pattern–just winging it!