Llama Sweater

[color=indigo]Well, the temperature in South Florida plunged to 50 degrees last night, and the locals were out in force in full-dress Arctic expedition gear. I really did see folks wearing 3 layers of sweaters, gloves, and balaklavas. :??:

As for me, realizing that this year’s winter had fallen on a Monday, I took the opportunity to wear one of my way-too-many heavy sweaters. :happydance:

I finished this one around Thanksgiving and had not worn it, so I was willing to be kinda sticky and sweaty just to show it off. It’s hand spun (me), hand-dyed (not me), llama (raised by me) wool. Asphixiatingly warm at ambient temperatures above -20 F.


It’s a gorgeous sweater! :cheering:

:roflhard: thanks for the laughs. the sweater, of course, is beautiful, and a very impressive display of craftswomanship from start to finish.

:roflhard: thanks for the laughs. the sweater, of course, is beautiful, and a very impressive display of craftswomanship from start to finish.[/quote]

In this case craftsMANship is appropriate I believe. :wink:

[color=indigo]Hi Jan,

Fuh shame, chere! Ain’t yoo knowed dat duh right woid iz craftsperson?

Oh oh, my teckels are starting to picket, accusing me of being a speciesist. Mea culpa. It of course should be craftsbeing to be really PC.

Lando :teehee:[/color]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’d love to see the crafts your Teckels have created…I think. :shifty:

umm… did I read that right? Plunged to 50 degrees? :passedout: I swear if it were even CLOSE to 50 right now I would go out in a hula skirt :hot:
it’s below zero every day here so far this week and I just realized my dh programmed the thermostat WRONG. it was supposed to turn ON when I got home, NOT OFF! :!!!:
if it’s 62 in my house, and you’re saying the temp plunged to 50, where does that leave my house??? :doh:


My teckels have been heavily influenced by Jacques Derrida and French deconstructionism. They therefore tend to unknit FO’s rather than knit them. It works out more or less: I knit; they unravel. :teehee: [/color]

[color=indigo]If it goes below 50 degrees in South Florida, everything shuts down for at least two days (seriously). I expect that we have lost a good number of folks to frostbite and exposure.


I live in southern California and it’s gotten down in the low 30’s several nights and for us that is freezing!! I need sweater if it’s under 75. :teehee: Below zero does not compute… :zombie:

Our kitten would attempt the unraveling thing, but I put my stuff away when I’m not knitting. It’s a pain, but :shrug:

Love the sweater–the craftcreatureship is impeccible, and the color is wonderful. Glad it was frigid enough for you to wear it. :?

Fabulous job!!!

Great, comfy-looking sweater!

I do that too, live in a climate that rarely needs something that warm, but just can’t resist knitting it anyway. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say which I like better, the beautiful sweater or your fun writing style!

Thanks for the smiles.

Mama Bear

Lando!! It’s fabulous! Raised, handspun AND handknit? And to top it off, you got to wear it?? You’ve gone and sparked full blown envy in me! :oops: It’s really, really wonderful. I sure hope you’re beaming with pride! Maybe you’ll get to wear it again this year!

I too got to wear a sweater this winter. Although it being a weekday, I didn’t get to go out, so I opened all the windows and pretended I was up north. The family wasn’t too happy, but I looked STUNNING.

Do you have the pattern? That’s brioche stitch, isn’t it?

Oh how very pretty! :cheering:

:muah: oooh I love it! Gorgeous sweater-what is that stitch?

And ROFLMAO on the Floridians weather perception-being from South TX I can relate :teehee:

awesome! I love it and know what you mean about FL–my inlaws are snow birds and I think it’s hilarious to see them packing up their sweaters for those 50 degree nights in the keys…LOL!