Lizardknits can knit in the round!

I taught myself knitting in the round!!!
:woohoo: :woot: :happydance:
I tried casting on a couple of times before, and then realized that my cast on is loose, as well as my first row. I did a gauge swatch for knitting in the round and came up with the same conclusion. I realized I would need to switch to a size smaller once I started knitting it.

I started it yesterday on size 8 circulars, and switched it to size 7 takumi bamboo circulars (which I had unkinked in hot water the other day) and I joined it on the second row, seaming upwards the tail on the first rown to join the first row together. Besides the first row looking a bit loose it looks great. Im working on the fourth row right now. :woohoo: :happydance: :woot:

:woot:that’s wonderful!

That’s awesome, Lizardknits! I love it when people post the new skills they’ve learned. It’s encouraging to everyone else. :thumbsup:


YAY!!! I feel your excitement as I just learned how to do this myself! It opens up so many things in knitting to be able to knit in the round! I am thrilled for you:woohoo:

[COLOR="#300090"]Good for you! :yay:

So, what’s it going to be, this thing that you are knitting in the round? :slight_smile: :wink:

I also taught myself to knit in the round. I made some bamboo DPNs from extra chop stick lying in the flatware drawer and just started using the long tail cast on.

What CO did you use and have you tried any others to see if they “fit” better with your guage?

My “swatch” is still on the DPNs in search of a purpose/pattern. :roll:

–Jack [/COLOR]

im actually making a Recovery buddy (here is the blog for the buddy project)
the pattern for the buddy can be found here (suggested instructions; does not need to be followed exactly)

I actually used a loose cast on (sorta a crochet cast on) on size 8s and I switched it to size sevens as I worked the first row. I actually joined the second row, not the first, but seamed it up using the tail, so it would not be that noticeable).