Lizard Ridge knitters!

I’m about to start this great afghan from Knitty. I’m torn between doing squares and doing panels. For those of you who have made this afghan…what would you recommend? I plan on using many different skein colors. I don’t dislike seaming, but I’d rather not have seams rubbing against my skin. I do like the patchwork look of individual blocks, though. Perhaps there is a better seaming method besides mattress stitch? I’ve been busy reading all the blog posts I can find, but I though I would ask here too!

I haven’t made it (yet) but you can use the edge-to-edge seam to avoid the ridge made by mattress.

Thanks Ingrid…that link was very helpful. I did finish my first square yesterday. I’m having a blast learning all these new techniques like knitting backwards and short rows. I’ll be posting about these adventures soon on my blog!

Hi everyone-

I just wanted to share my adventures with Lizard Ridge with you all. You can read all about it on my new blog!

and part 2 here:

If anyone is interested in starting a KAL here on KH, just let me know!


Definitely on my list!

Brooke, I just love Lizard Ridge and someday I’m going to make it too! It would be a huge investment in yarn. Plus, isn’t it scratchy? So if you want to actually have a functioning blanket, would you have to line it?

I read your blog…the whole knitting / purling backwards confuses me, but I didn’t look at the links. Good for you for learning it. It sounds like fun.

I wanted to ask you why your instructor said that you shouldn’t seam the squares?

Hi Leslie-

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ingrid mentioned edge to edge seaming above as an option. This definately looked like a good alternative to mattress stitch, but it just isn’t meant to withstand all the weight of an afghan. That is why my instructor suggested the garter stitch border and seaming with mattress stitch. Tomorrow I think I will weave in ends and block my squares. I want to seam two of these together and see how I like it before I commit to doing all 24 of them this way. With the investment in yarn and time I want to make sure I’ll be happy with it. The yarn is a bit scratchy, but apparently will soften up. A LYS even suggested hair conditioner. I don’t plan on lining it which is why I want the seams to be as flat as possible. I’ll keep my blog updated on my progress.

New photo of blocked squares!


:inlove::inlove::inlove: gorgeous!!! :inlove::inlove::inlove:
I still want to make this someday…


That is JUST lovely!!!

In order to knit all the things I want to I am going to need to live to be 300!!!