Live Stitches

I have live stitches on a stitch holder with no yarn attached to them. Now, how do I begin knitting them?

Thanks for any help!

Slip them to a needle or knit them off the holder. Whichever works best for you.

Unless it’s very few stitches I find knitting off the holder awkward.

Thanks Mike, but once I have slipped the stitches onto my needle, then the other needle is empty (there is no yarn attached to it, and there is no yarn attached to my live stitches, so how do I begin knitting?

Okay, I got an answer from my daughter-in-law this morning and I thought I understood, then I became confused again and decided to ask in the forum. All of a sudden it has dawned on me - “Duh!” I just have to join the yarn to the yarn I cut off after I bind the stitches at the end of my purse flap. (If that makes any sense). I’m a relatively new knitter - can you tell?
Anyway, thanks for trying to help!

it does depend on the pattern. if there is a suitable place to rejoin the yarn then you can do that. the other way is simple to hold the yarn as if it were attached to somthing and start knitting, leaving a long tail to weave in later. the first couple fo stitches can be a bit loose but, you can tighten and secure them when you are finished.

If you knit with the tail along with the working end for a few stitches it should let you tighten them from the start when picking up unattached yarn.

I’m new too and don’t have anyone but the forum to run to.

I actually tried Tarentella’s advice today to just hold the yarn as if it were attached and start knitting and it worked great! Your idea about knitting with both the tail and the working yarn is great though. I will have to try that. Thanks!