Live and Learn

A while ago I was checking out the free patterns from and came across a felted bag that I liked. So I ordered the yarn and a pair of circs from elann and this is what I got:

Then after a while of doing other stuff, I looked at the pattern and saw the measurements “Felted size is approximately 2 x 5 x 6 inches.” Am I reading that right? To me and my DH it sounds like it will be big enough for my 4yo daughter instead of my 19 yo daughter? :rollseyes:

yeah you only have sixty stitches on your needle after picking up. that is smaller than most kids’ hats AND it is going to be felted. would be good for the essentials (MILK–Money, ID, Lipstick, Keys) but not much else i would think.

Maybe you could find another pattern that would work better for her? Not sure about yardage for something bigger but you might be able to find something.

Dang that is [b]tiny![/b] Maybe make a Booga Bag or something similar? Mine actually came out bigger than I thought it would, it’s a nice size.