Littlest Angel Booties

I haven’t done much knitting during the holidays but I had a special request to knit more of these little booties (my own design) for a charity project.

The booties are included in an angel box provided by a hospital to the family of preemies that don’t make it. Since the babies are so tiny, the families can’t find clothing for burial, so we provide hats, booties, etc. I hope these booties provide a little comfort in a time of distress and let the families know someone is thinking of them.

those are so sweet. what a great charity project. it will nice comfort for the parents.

So pretty…

You did a wonderful job. I’m sure the parents will treasure the love that went into them.

These little items will mean more to the parents than you can imagine. Beautiful!

As you may know by now this post is dear to my heart. My little Mariah whom passed away July 2000 would prob have fit those. Very precious! GREAT JOB ON THOSE!!! :muah: :heart: :heart: :heart:

:heart: I agree…they are beautiful!! :heart:

omg. I would have loved to have had these when I needed them oh so long ago…wonderful. Not something parents think about when going through such a thing. Thank you.

Beautiful! God bless the parents who need them, and you for making them!

They are sooo sweet.

What a kind person you are…bless your heart x

Very sweet and God is going to richly bless you for providing something beautiful for little ones.:hug:

I’m sure those will mean a lot to the parents!:heart:

Precious. Too bad such things are needed. Only dollies should wear such tiny things. God bless your efforts to offer comfort.

Very sweet!

Nice work. What a wonderful service to provide these for those who need them.

[CENTER]HOW sweet. Purlygirl, God bless you. Those little tiny socks are so beautiful.
:muah: [/CENTER]