Little socks...?

I was looking on the internet today and found some lovely little socks without heel or toe that were knit up by a little girl because she was dancing or doing yoga or something, fell in love with them but had to join to get the pattern.
Well, when the joining was done… the page was nowhere to be found and I want them.
I’ve been making them for different ballet children and adults and I call them yoga socks but the yoga socks I’ve seen online are not like what this little girl has done.
Anyone know who I am talking about? Or the socks?
I can’t believe I lost that page!
Grrrr… :slight_smile:

Are you trying to figure out how to search for them? Have you tried stirrup socks? Ballet leg warmers? You said you had to sign up, do you have an email from the site from when you signed up?

I think I know what kind you mean. Something like this? Can you give us more info on why they are different?

Thanks, Jan… these are exactly right.
I appreciate you finding these for me.
Can’t wait to get them knit up!
TEMA :happydance: