Little slip of a thing - longer circs?


I’m ready to cast on the

My question is, the pattern says 16 or 18" circulars - I’ve only got 24" circulars - will these work okay for this pattern…? :??


It calls for 16-18". 24" might be too long to get all the stitches around.

yeah it MIGHT work but it is hard to tell. usually the first few rows after you pick up are kind of tight so if you are adding about 8 inches to the length of your circ it could be reeeeeeeeally hard to get around. might work after a few rounds but i would bet it would be too long at the beginning, at the very least.

could make it bigger to compensate.

Bum. I thought that would be the answer :frowning:

I 'spose I could make it bigger… if I could figure out the maths!

I’d give it a go as written. It might just fit.

But if it won’t fit, just cast on 8 more stitches when you cast on for the base, and then follow the pattern. You’ll then have five squares across the front and back, instead of four.

Or on the base, you can knit an additional 16 rows, so you will be picking up 8 additional stitches on each side. The bag will be three squares “wide” on the sides.

Remember, you’ll need more yarn!

Diane in Chicago
of Little Slip Fame!

Thanks, that’s brilliant Diane! :cheering:

I shall try making the sides wider.