Little Sky Sock Heal Turn

Thanks To everyone who helped me over on the help page! I just Turned my heel :woohoo: This sock is to cool!:yay: I don’t think I will ever want to pick up stitches again.

Just had to share, my dh doesn’t understand why I am so excited.:woot:

Hi! :waving:

There is just something so magical about seeing that heel turn! The first one I actually got to turn was a major knitting event in my life!
Even though I somehow had it a bit crooked and had to frog back and re-do it, seeing that little cup shape emerge was pure sorcery! :slight_smile:

Don’t be too disappointed that non-knitters around you don’t get it. Knitting, especially sock knitting which terrified me at first, is as much magic as it is skill! :clink:

Maybe that’s because we get to work with TWO “magic wands”!:roflhard: So just enjoy!!!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :clink: