Little Shell Stitch Sweater & Hat

It feels nice to receive wonderful comments from other knitters on this forum and I look forward to posting new finished objects here.
Recently finished a sweater and hat in Little Shell Stitch with booties for my 3 months old daughter.

Once again beautiful work :happydance: :cheering:


So cute! I love the shell pattern that you used. :cheering:

That is sooo sweet!

Aww! Those are so cute! I can’t wait to start knitting baby things.

Those are very pretty! :heart:

So cute. Your work is so even and neat. What yarn and pattern did you use?

What a beautiful little set!!

I’d be willing to bet that you get MANY, MANY compliments when you take your daughter out with that BEAUTIFUL outfit!!


Thanks ! momwolf,Ronda,carmabelle1191,lauraknits,rorygilmore,Birdy,loveswildflowers,Jan in CA and auburnchick for the feedback.
loveswildflowers, I had used the following :
yarn : bernat softee baby
color : 02001 pink rose
needles : US 4" & 6"
pattern for the sweater and tam : (aqua layette set)
pattern for the booties :

Sooo pretty!!! :cheering:
I wish I had the energy to knit something like that… :??


Really a great job and the stitch work is beautfiul.

That set is gorgeous! Great job!

those are so pretty!! :heart:

You did a GREAT job!!!

I think I will make that my next project for my granddaughter!!

I bet your little girl looks ADORABLE in it!!

Thanks ! momwolf,Ronda,carmabelle1191,lauraknits,rorygilmore,Birdy,loveswildflowers,Jan in CA and auburnchick,melissa.atkins,itscryttle,mari_13,Cristy,Shannon4J
for the compliments.
Yes my daughter looks adorable.
And I feel excited about knitting more baby stuff as she’s growing fast.

That is a beautiful set! I bet your little one looks absolutely adorable.

I’ve gone on to the link you listed and I don’t know if I’m dense or not but was unable to find it called aqua layette set. Can you help me find the pattern? thanks

try this, it’s way down on the page of the pattern listings!