Little Purse DONE

Hey there everyone! Sorry I have not posted for a little, I have been sick and still am :crying: I did manage to finish another christmas gift . This one is for a little girl who is 8 and I thought she would LOVE this filled with a pad of paper purple pen to match and some make up stuff maybe…we will see. ANYWAYS here is the purse!
Vanessa :happydance:

Very Cute! My DD would love it as I am sure any little girl would! And it is purple! :thumbsup:


That is reallycute!! I love the color!! :smiley:

That IS cute!!! The color is very nice! :smiley:

She’ll absolutely flip!

purple and furry, my niece’s favorite colors!

I used Hobby Lobbys Yarn ( Yarn Bee I think it was the thistle if i remember OMG it is SOFT, and i knit it up with smaller needles so no holes and it stretches as well, and YES furry soft sparkly little fuzzy things .I wanted to add something like a gragon fly iron on then thought noooo i like it the way it is! The button i did really cool I used ribbon and made a little slip loop that you flip over to close it and no button holes it is the coolest little purse! I hope she likes it…Hubby and I are trying to buy for all the kids so i told him I can made one thing go to good will for two of them then that leaves 3 …but i think we have one almost covered lol…well better go getting ready for my 3D-4D ultra sound today :O) I will post them on my BLOG once i get them so please check out my blog if you would like to see my little BEAN.
Vanessa :cheering: