Little People, Big World

Does anyone here watch this show? I really enjoy the show, but I was disappointed to find out that Matt Roloff was arrested on a DUI charge. I really hate to hear that. I like Matt a lot! Amy…not so much - maybe she’s why he would drink…?

I watch that show. I actually like Amy she seems like the level headed one, Matt seems so flighty and immature. I’d like to whack a couple of their kids though. :teehee:

I agree with you on the kids! And, that house! How nasty is that?

Molly does knit, though, that’s cool. I think Matt’s mom taught her.

Yeah, I heard about that last night on our news. It’s amazing how disappointed I get when I watch someone’s show and really like them and they go and do something so stupid. Why are people that stupid?? I’ll never understand. And Matt being such a role model for so many Little people, it’s just so disappointing.

As for who I like better, I don’t know, they both annoy me sometimes, I just don’t like how Amy talks to Matt in front of their kids. She’s so disrespectful to him. It’s fine if she wants to say that stuff in private, not that it’s okay to talk to your spouse that way, but at least he could still manage to salvage some dignity behind closed doors.

It’s the kids who are going to suffer the most. That Zach talks to his father so terribly. It’s just wrong.

I haven’t watched the show for a while, but I do like it. I was dissappointed to hear this news too. Like bailsmom said, because he has this show he’s a role model for people and this just kind of shatters that. Its too bad.

You summed that up just right for me!

And I agree about his being a role model. Ironically, they just released a book about family values.

I could whip that family into shape. :teehee: I’d knock some heads together, throw out all the lazy teenager friends just hanging out there for camera time and sit that family down for some real communication. Those kids are brats fueled by their parents. It’s a shame but I’ve seen them go from being a kind of nice family to a group of trashy acting people.

Okay - I just had an attack of conscience. I started this thread, and I was thinking that because Molly knits, she might find this forum. I would hate for her to come here for knitting help and see disparaging remarks about her family - do you guys think we should delete this thread? Can you do that? :shrug:

You should be able to delete it from your end. Under the “edit” function of the original thread.

I understand that you would feel bad if she came here, but nothing any of us has written is false. Or really none of it is mean either. It’s what they portray on tv and it’s how we all interpret it. It is what it is…

Well that doesn’t mean it isn’t still mean…lol. Truthfully though, if you have ever spent any amount of time at all on the TLC forums for this show, what has been said here isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of meanness. Those people are ruthless! :noway:

I know you are right - but this is such a nice place!! I kind of hate I started it, and if it weren’t for Molly, I wouldn’t worry about it … but, I can’t figure out how to delete…

:slight_smile: i don’t think you can delete after someone has replied… unless of course they all delete too! :wink: otherwise you have to talk to the moderators. and i would guess it will just happen that someone else will start the thread again in a few days anyway.

I think you are right. I guess I’ll just leave it as is. I’m sure no one here would get too carried away with what they say. I just wanted to see if everyone else was as disappointed with Matt as I am. I guess I could have left off my mean-spirited comment about Amy, but as the thread stands, I’ll leave my comment as is…

You’re right, I have read some of those forums and they are brutal. Which is why I said that what was written by us here wasn’t mean at all.

I think we are a great bunch of level-headed wonderfully kind knitters who can have a normal conversation and look at it from every side.

And I’m sure Molly knows that there are horribly mean people out there and we’re not one of them!!! :cheering::cheering:

Let’s hear it for nice people!!!:woot: :woot: :woohoo: :woohoo:

:yay:For nice people…(I sure hope I’m one of 'em)!

I just reread your first post and got quite the giggle out of it!! I think we all have those moments where our significant other would lead us all to drink!! It happens, it’s marriage. It’s life. Some people drive us nuts one day and the next, well, somehow they are able to live another day. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m only kidding of course.

You know, when I watch the show - which I love by the way - I always want to side with Matt for how Amy treats him on the camera and then I stop myself and think, :think: what is it really like to live with Matt. I don’t know and I never will. So I guess we just can’t judge people until we’ve walked a few miles in their shoes…

Okay, I’m done preaching for today, place your offerings in my back pocket and I’ll run to the bank!! (I need the cash!!):teehee:


did they state how much he was over the limit? bc we can give him the benefit of the doubt. i’m only 5 feet tall and weigh 100 lbs. i’m over the limit with one drink and i’m at least a foot taller than he is, so if i’m at .08 with one drink he’s got to be double that with one drink right? so maybe he only had one drink? or i could be completely wrong and the man got totally wasted.

I love your optimism! I didn’t think of that, but I did think that it must be hard for him to pass a field sobriety test - (I only know about walking the straight line and touching your nose). The article said he refused the breath test thingy…I hope it’s all a mistake.