Little mistakes are just Wabi Sabi

My knitty friends and I very rarely make a perfect project. There’s always a stitch gone wrong somewhere. We’ve learnt not to worry about it and remind each other it’s just a bit of Wabi Sabi magic. It makes something personal and on the very, very rare occasion when one of my knits doesn’t have one, only happened a couple of times :grin: I’ll put one in.
I made one of my knitty friends some mitts a little while ago and I purposely put a couple of purls instead of knits in the cuff ribbing. It took her a while to find it and when she did it brought a smile.

Anyway I wanted to share the link, because it’s a nice read, and to say don’t worry about little mistakes, it just adds to the character of your hand knit.


:+1:that was interesting :pray:

I throw on a pottery wheel as well as knit constantly. When we make mistakes, my pottery teacher says, “That’s what makes it look hand made!”