Little Miss Muffet

Made this in size 4/5 for my 4 yo daughter, but it’s a bit snug… I’m making another for my 6 yo with heavier yarn, bigger needles and more stitches. Seems to be working out. It’s a bit hard to see, but there are cables on the sides.

The pattern is Little Miss Muffet from zephyr style, the yarn is Knitpicks swish dk in Storm.

Charming, I can see the cables (I thought they were bows at first). Sometimes the sizes can be a bit deceiving :hmm:. Lovely model.

Very cute and the model looks proud of her sweater!

I love the sweater and your daughter is a beauty :slight_smile:

Beautiful job and model!

Adorable! Great job :slight_smile:

The snugness works just fine on your little model. I like the open front, and that cable gives it a little shaping on the side, almost like a pleat. Cute!

It’s adorable! and love the color! Your daughter is a cutie too!

It’s just gorgeous! I love it, and she seems pretty happy with it too. You did an awesome job! :slight_smile:

Very cute!!

Great model, and I love the little bit of shaping the cables give it, very nice!