Little Miss Lady Hat

My DH’s barber and his wife just had a baby after 3 miscarriages. DH asked me to make them a nursing cover but I had to make something knitted as well! Here’s a hat for little Miss Lady…

And I had to include this…here’s my DS in a frog hat I made for him!

Happy Knitting!


Absolutely Precious~x 2 :eyebrow:

Both hats are very cute! Great job! And your son has a wonderful smile with those 2 cute little teeth!

man I love babies…how CUTE is HE!!! :muah: :muah:

the hats are really cute too :teehee:

did you make up the little Miss hat? And that’s great that they finally had a baby, they must be on top of the world :slight_smile:

Thank you! Both hats were extremely quick knits! Gotta love baby stuff!

No, I didn’t make up the Little Miss Lady hat. Here is the pattern:


those are both adorable and I can’t believe how cute that frog hat is–did you write the pattern or is it somewhere online?

Both hats are absolutely beautiful!!!

Hi Cristy, I have a pattern like that on pdf file but this program doesn’t allow pdf. PM me with your email and I’ll email it to you or you can look in the Lion Brand website. It’s a free pattern called froggy hat. The Pattern # is 50627-2. By the way, how’s the baby doing?
How’s the big sister?

Thanks listrella…both baby and big sister are doing well…I was just about to post more pics in the general thread!

I’ll find the pattern on Lion brand or email you! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link for the Froggy Hat:

I just used some cheap ole Red Heart I had lying around.

I love them both :slight_smile:

CUTE CUTE CUTE Hats and kids!!!

Little Miss Lady Hat: bee-you-tee-full!

Froggy Hat and model: can’t type any more; have melted into a puddle of squee-ing goo

Adorable hats!

adorable… and i love that you’re knitting for your husbands barber… and the history there… VERY VERY NICE… knitters are just the best people!

and i had printed up that pattern… you’re making me want to knit it TONITE!

Those are adorable! :heart: