Little knobby on top of my hat

I recently made a top-down hat. It turned out great BUT being kind of a perfectionist, where I cast on my fist six stitches has left kind of a knob on the top and i would have preferred the hat be more rounded and fit right to my head. Is there a trick for helping this AFTER I have sewn in the tail? I could probably find the end and try to sew it again. Or in the future is there a way to avoid this?

I’ve only made bottom up hats, but I suppose the principle is the same. Do you have a link to the pattern?

What kind of cast on did you use? I don’t thing there is a way to fix it once you get down to the bottom without frogging. However, in the future, you can try a figure 8 cast on to make a seamless top. If it is the seam that is causing the problem.

Alright, here is a link to the hat I used long tail cast on.

Thanks, it’s always good to provide a link when asking questions.:thumbsup:

From looking at the pattern I think if you skipped rnd 1 and immediately increased again you’d have less of that bump on top. It’s possible you may have to skip the next all knit row as well, but I’m not sure. You may have to experiment with that on a swatch.

Stocking caps with the long top on them (think Santa hat) are done by keeping the decrease rows farther apart. So rounds where the decreases are closer together (or increases in your case) make the top shorter and rounder.