Little knitter

So yesterday afternoon I asked my 8 yr old ds when he was going to let me teach him to knit. (He’s always been interested in what I was knitting) He said, “Ok, you can teach me now.” Well, I seized the moment and grabbed some needles and cotton yarn, cast on 12 stitches for him and showed him what to do. I can’t believe how quickly he picked it up. After a couple of rows he said, “You can go back to your own knitting now!” He would bring me his mistakes to fix, but was really doing well. After he knit a small square I showed him how to bind off and weave in the ends. He started with some different yarn this morning and is actually getting decent tension. We are driving to Houston, TX next week and I told him that was a great time to get lots of practice while we are driving. He said, “Well, ok, but I’ll need a knitting bag to put my stuff in.” I was laughing so hard! Now I have to teach him to purl! We’ll have to wait and see if he sticks with it. Here’s some pics.

Wonderful! Don’t forget to teach him to sew on buttons, while you’re at it.

(Braces at 8 years old?! How long will he need to wear them?)

CFTWO - Some orthodontists do braces in 2 phases now. He’ll have these for about 9 months to a year. Then they bond a wire behind the front 4 teeth top and bottom to keep them in place. At about 12 or 13 (when he’s lost all his baby teeth) they do the second phase. My 13 year old just got his second set of braces off yesterday. He had his on for about 15 months.

Wow, he did great! He looks very proud of himself, & with good reason. Good for both of you – him for learning and you for teaching.

:)That is awesome!!

adorable- kids learn so fast!

That’s wonderful!!! I’ve been trying to get my 6 yo DS but he’s not really interested. He learned to do the knit stitch but that’s about it. He prefers to spin the yarn.

“You can go back to your own knitting now!” :teehee:
That’s great! I hope he keeps it up. Looks like he’s doing fine!

Way to go! He looks so proud of himself!

[B]He’s doing great there !!![/B]

The kid’s a natural – he must have inherited the knitting gene!

I read a article that said boys are actually better at learning to knit than girls are! It also had some great info on how knitting benefits young kids. Way to go!

This is awesome! He looks so proud too! :cheering: