Little knits

i’ve been watching a bag of yarn on the website to see if they get more in stock. (when i click “add to cart” it says that it’s currently out of stock.) but on the page with the single skeins and full bags, some of them actually say “out of stock” instead of “add to cart.” i’m wondering if they change “add to cart” to “out of stock” when they know they won’t be getting anymore in and leave the “add to cart” when they know they will. i already emailed them about it and never got a response, so i thought i would ask here since i know some KHers have ordered from them in the past.

Hi there,

I have ordered from them a bunch of times. I would just give them a call and ask. Sue (the owner) is really nice and helpful. Maybe she has 9 skeins, but not a full bag?


I have also ordered from them numerous times and email responses are slow. :??

Other than that, the customer service is excellent. I would call Sue, she is really very nice.